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We work with world leaders in digital marketing – using the new and improved methods so you reach more clients and can take your business to the next level.

We appreciate your stopping by. We are striving to make your experience here enjoyable. We share varied interests that we believe can benefit and help others.

We recently partnered with Ed Mercer. He has created 50 millionaires in the past. His current goal to break the guinness book of world records and create 100 millionaires. Ed wants to leave every place, thing or person better than when he found them.

How well we connect and understand you can make a major difference in how we can help you achieve your goals. We also focus on helping people expand their presence online working with Digital Marketing. Life is changing and it is doing so rapidly. Just a few short years ago the vast majority of people were not working online. Based on current statistics by 2019 40% will be forced to work online or they won’t be working. Read More… 

Our Services

Providing coaching and training for Digital Marketing, Elite Marketing Pro and Verbal Aikido.

Coaching and Training

Coaching and Training

Our coaching service is a one-on-one training in digital marketing. Our clients learn how to grow their online presence with social media.

Elite Marketing Pro

Elite Marketing Pro

Elite Marketing Pro is the world leader in digital marketing. We provide coaching from the start to ensure your success.

Global Wealth Trade

Global Wealth Trade

When achieving success is everything. When your determination to succeed supersedes everything. You join GWT who is in a class of its own.

Success Starts Here

Our goal is to ensure your needs are met so that you succeed developing a profitable business. We cater to brick and mortar, internet marketing, direct sales and network marketing. By giving you access to to the tools necessary so that you can access correct training to create a successful business.

We have the means to help small business grow their business. With Digital Marketing we do not chase or hunt customers. Customers or clients hunt us.

We implemented a system that is highly effective in guaranteeing your success. We have partnered with the world’s fastest growing fashion house. We work with 5 successful mentors to guide you so that when you follow the system success is inevitable.


Marketing Tools

What's Working Now Elite Marketing Pro
Attraction Marketing Formula Elite Marketing Pro
5 Winning Headline Formulas
The Copywriters Guild Elite Marketing Pro

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John Wayne Robert Jansen
John Wayne Robert Jansen

Co-Founder, Director

Ed Mercer